PROGRESS REPORT NO. 18 Tuesday Sept 27th

In the fishing town of MALOY.

We know it's 6 days since we sent any word, but we didn't want to appear complaining, and wished to send good news only.

The good news is that Maloy is a very nice place and the people we have met couldn't be more obliging. There was one good day, we plotted for Scotland and measured the distance to the Caledonian Canal, and Westport, in days. Not to be.

Gary, Michael and Kevin have, through time limits, had to leave at Brekstad. They missed that one good day, and also:

  • Saturday. Gale am. Wind down pm. Made it to Aalesund. 8 miles. PB Birthday.
  • Sunday. Gale early. Made 30 miles later.
  • Monday. Made 30 miles around Sted , 18 miles in straight line, average 3 knots, into force 6, becoming 8. To Maloy.

Are we becoming paranoid, or maybe weak!

Anyway, we're getting a good look at the scenic fiords and great practice anchoring in darkness and tying up to jetties with doubled lines. And we're getting the BBC forecasts now, a low of 955 over sea area Bailey has gales from Biscay to Iceland to southerly force 9 in North Utsire (that's us).

So we're using the time to work on the boat. We had her lifted this morning, changed the ice-battered prop, which was vibrating, are now back in the water and are rebuilding the gearbox.

We'll be ready to boogie, we expect, by tomorrow night for the better weather, which surely must be coming.

Paddy's birthday

Tom cleaning the prop

Gearbox maintenance on board